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Programs: Installing LaTeX on Mac

Library of Science - Papers

Papers is an excellent application for Mac that enables you to search, download, archive papers. It allows you to browse, organize, read, annotate, etc. Here is the link.

LaTeX Tutorial

The best introduction to LaTeX I know of is entitled “The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX -or LateX2e in 141 minutes” written by Toblas Oetlker. You can get the PDF by clicking here.

Installing LaTeX

Several of my students have been asking me about installation of LaTeX for Mac OS X. Below is a series of steps:

-1) Download the MacTeX package:
-2) Follow the GUI instructions to install MacTeX
-3) Download and Install TeXShop:
-4) Install a reference manager such as JabRef:

Note: TeXShop may already be included with the newer MacTeX distributions.

A New Category - Programs

Students, friends, and colleagues often ask me about software tools I use to prepare class materials, record lectures, write journal papers, manage research articles, etc. I spend a lot of time answering these individual questions by email. Thus, I decided to create a new Category on my blog -the Programs Category. I will go posting entries as I receive new requests... I expect this will save a me a lot of time.