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Sketching Cambridge: King's College


Sketching Cambridge: Senate Hourse (U. Cambridge)

Quick 5 min sketch on iPad of the Senate House at University of Cambridge, UK
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Sketching the French Riviera: Nice at Night

Nice at night with moon light glare in the sky and sea.


Sketching the French Riviera: Villefranche Sur Mer

Quick Sketch of Villefranche Sur Mer, French Riviera

Sketching Monaco

Monaco in Spring 2016

Sketching the French Riviera: Trip Plan & Log

Nice->Cagnes Sur Mer->Antibes->Cannes->St. Paul de Vence->Monaco->Beaulieu Sur Mer->Villefrenche Sur Mer


Sketching the French Riviera: St. Pauld de Vence

View of St. Paul de Vence at noon in Spring


Sketching Cambridge: Faculty of Law (University of Cambridge)

Sketch of the Faculty of Law at University of Cambridge during my period as a Visiting Professor and Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Intellectual Property & Information Law, as well as the Centre for Law, Medicine, and Life Sciences.

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Sketching Cambridge: Trinity College (University of Cambridge)

Sketch of Trinity College...


Sketching Cambridge: Queen's Colege, Mathematical Bridge, Anchor Pub

Quick sketch on the iPad of the Mathematical Bridge, the Silver Street Bridge (I ride through it every day on my way to work), Queen's College, The Anchor Pub, and the Cam river during sunset. Having the best time this year at University of Cambridge!

Sketching Cambridge: King's College (Univeristy of Cambridge)

Quick sketch of King's College & Senate House at University of Cambridge.

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Sketching Cambridge: Senate House (University of Cambridge)

Very quick <10min sketch of the Senate House (University of Cambridge). View from inside coffee shop on King's parade.